Swimava Customer Testimonials

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Happy 8th Birthday Swimava! There are now over 1 million happy Swimava babies globally. We offer an 6 month Warranty against product defects along with a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee where you can return your purchase for any reason!

  • Our 5 months old son - Zibi (his nick name in English language) is very very happy with Your Swimava pool and Swimava ring together. THAT'S REALLY GREAT PRODUCTS. I am really surprised it cannot be bought in shops and even in Europe in the internet swimming shops. I enclouse his photo and short video film from his GREAT bath time.

  • I saw this site through youtube. How cool, I had a home waterbirth and my little lady enjoys the bath, and I would love to be able to let her swim around the pool too!!

    Audra Willis
  • Hey, my little girl loved it - they are so good as she had full movement of her arms and legs to kick about and with the shoulders in she didn't get cold!!! I found the ring fabulous for swimming !!! X

    Jade Tsamplakos